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Pre-release Course

This is a pre-release at a discounted price. The first 3 parts will be released on February 14th 2023, then a new part will be released every couple of days.

Our SEO Results

Here are some of the results you could get for yourself with our course:


Increased website leads by over 500%


Generated an extra £100,000 through their website


Increased website traffic by over 200%

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What You Will Learn

A list of all the video lessons and downloadable documents and checklists below.

  • Video - About me and my story with SEO 
  • Video - How to use and complete this course
  • Video - What is SEO? 
  • Video - Is SEO good for your business?
  • Video - Why you need SEO
  • Video - My tool list and what you will need for this course
  • Download - Tool list with over 50 SEO & Design Tools
1. Before You Start SEO
  • Video - What to do before starting your SEO campaign.
2. Keyword Research
  • Video - What are keywords?
  • Video - How do you find them?
  • Video - How to choose good keywords?
  • Video - Can you beat the competition for these keywords?
  • Download - Competition Analysis Checklist
  • Video - How to organise your keywords? Keyword Grouping
  • Download - Keyword Spreadsheet
  • Video - Keyword Research Recap
3. Sitemap Creation & Website Planning
  • Video - Creating a website sitemap
  • Video - Create good meta titles and descriptions
  • Video - Select the right keywords for each page
  • Video - Create SEO friendly URL’s
  • Video - Creating goals for each page.
  • Download - Sitemap Spreadsheet
3. SEO Content Creation
  • Video - How to write the best optimised content for SEO
  • Video - How to speed up the content creation process
  • Video - How to find ideas for SEO content
  • Download - Content Creation Document Download
  • Video - Why images and video are important for SEO
  • Video - How to choose good images
  • Video - How to create videos for SEO
4. Building A SEO Friendly Website
  • Video - The basics of effective web design
  • Video - How to build a webflow website
  • Video - How to build a wordpress website
  • Video - Thoughts on other website builders
  • Download - +50 Point Website Design Checklist For Conversions
5. On-Page SEO
  • Video - How to structure your pages for SEO
  • Download - On-page SEO Checklist
6. Technical SEO
  • Video - How to setup your website for technical SEO
  • Video - How to fix a slow website.
  • Video - How to implement website schema
  • Download - Technical SEO Checklist
7. Analytics & Search console set-up
  • Video - How to get your website found by search engines
  • Download - Technical SEO Checklist
8. Local SEO
  • Video - How to show on google maps for your buisness
  • Video - How to structure your website to show in local search results.
  • Download - Business Name, Address & Phone (NAP) Doc
9. Backlinks
  • Video - What are backlinks and how they help with SEO
  • Video - How to get backlinks for your website
  • Download - Backlink Tracker Spreadsheet
9. Monthly SEO
  • Video - Tasks you need to do monthly for your SEO
  • Download - Monthly SEO Checklist
10. Conclusion
  • Video - Recap and action plan for your SEO
  • Weekly Q&A's where you can ask me any questions.

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Why is SEO important?

So why should you invest in SEO over other means of marketing?

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53% of people research on google before buying something.

That’s over 50% of purchases that start on search engines. Putting your business in front of they searches makes you more likely to generate more customers and sales.

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75% of searches don’t look further than page 1

If you are not on the first page of google searches you are missing out greatly on opportunities to attract new business and be seen.

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It’s the Future and always growing

There are over 3.5 billion searches on google everyday and this number is only getting bigger. Which means they is always opportunities to insert yourself into the competition.

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94% of Searches don't click on ads

Google ads can be good, but only 6% of searches people click on them. SEO is cheaper than google ads is a lot more likely to get you traffic and better quality traffic to your website.

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SEO generates more traffic than social media

SEO drives 300% more traffic than social media to your website. Although social media is still very good digital marketing, the better investment is SEO.

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Our Work

Feedback From My Free Content

Who is this course for?


Small business owners with time but no budget to hire an SEO agency for their website.


Web designers who want to make sure their websites and set up for SEO


Anyone wanting to learn SEO and put in the work

Who is this course isn't for?

SEO experts - If you already have great results from SEO, you probably won’t gain much from this course. This is aimed for beginners and intermediates.

If you don’t have at least an hour a day to work on your own SEO

If you just want to watch videos and not take action


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